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Use Cases

Our technology is flexible for different applications.

Let’s chat about how we can build to your needs.



Accelerating Checkout

Whether you are a bakery, supermarket, or cafeteria. Accelerate your checkout of non-barcode items. Our algorithms can recognize products ranging from baked goods, fresh produce, to full meals, all in less than one second and reduce human error at checkout.

Quick Service Restaurants

Improving the Customer Dine In Experience

Table Service:  Obtain table-level accuracy of where each customer is sitting and provide them table service. No number cards, no buzzers, no smartphone apps.

Cleanliness Detection:   Be alerted of spills and trash left at tables and respond quickly so that customers always sit down at a clean table.


Order Compliance:   Ensure that every tray going out to customers has the right items that the customers ordered.



Faster and Less Disruptive Service

Faster Service:  Be alerted whenever room service plates and laundry bags have been placed in the hallways to collect them faster.

Less Disruptive Service:  Know when guests are not in their rooms to send housekeepers and maintenance personnel at a better time to not disrupt the customer experience.

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