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Our Vision

Our vision is to power the QSR of tomorrow.

With AI camera technology, we help restaurants measure and improve store performance across all dimensions.


Our first product focuses on speed of service. Our AI video timer measures customer wait times, one of the most important metrics to help restaurants improve speed.

Ultimately, we aim to automate all visual tasks in a restaurant with an AI camera platform.

So that customers have a better experience and store members run an even better restaurant.

Backed by 

Berry AI is backed by Flytech Technology, a public company (6206.TW) with 37 years of experience building industrial computers.

Berry AI shares the same hardware expertise, experience working with large deployments, and commitment to reliability.

Our Advisory Board

QSR Operators

Jerry Comstock.png

Jerry Comstock

owned 300+ BK restaurants

Mark Howe.png

Mark Howe

former VP Operations, Sizzling Platter

Heather Jackson.png

Heather Jackson

led new technology for BK/RBI

QSR Technologists

Tim Votaw.png

Tim Votaw

former SVP Global Sales/Marketing, Par

former VP Sales/Marketing, Delphi Display

Steve Roberts.png

Steve Roberts

Founder, Restaurant Magic

(Par Data Central) 

Bob Gibson.png

Bob Gibson

former Chief Revenue Officer, Jolt

former VP Sales, Oracle/Micros

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