Using computer vision to help fast food chains

Measure and improve

store performance

Use Cases



Understand and improve

the customer experience.

Understand and improve operations. Ensure process compliance.


100x the data


Designed for​ existing stores

The world's largest restaurant chains use Berry AI to

understand what's happening

in every store, every day.

We don’t use any facial recognition nor personally identifying biometrics. Most of our cameras can’t even see customers’ faces. Our platform is GDPR-compliant.

Our technology is designed for existing stores.

No costly renovations.

Built by the Best

Our team has software and AI experts from the top institutions of the world.

Our team members are contributors to the top AI and Computer Vision conferences of the world.

A Trustworthy Partner

Berry AI is backed by Flytech Technology, a public company (6206.TW) with 37 years of experience building industrial computers. Berry AI shares the same hardware expertise, experience working with large deployments, and commitment to reliability.

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